TONTON MACOUTE - Don't make me cry

Tonton Macoute were one of the best bands to be released on RCA's sadly shortlived progressive Neon label, alongside the likes of Spring, Indian Summer and Dando Shaft, all of who's albums are quite collectable today. Musically in the progressive jazz/rock genre, Tonton Macoute's roots go back to 1968 when drummer Nigel Reveler and vocalist/keyboard player Paul French answered a "musicians wanted" advert in Melody Maker. They joined up with guitarist/bassist Chris Gavin and woodwind player Dave Knowles and were initially signed to Vertigo Records, but relocated to RCA when most of Vertigo's staff members moved to RCA. Their excellent debut album was released shortly afterwards (in May of 1971), but the band folded a while later, as did the Neon label.
Here's a real English progressive rock masterpiece with jass and blues elements. The keyboards of Paul French and the guitar of Chris Gavin create the most remarkable moments of this album originally released in 1971.
Tonton Macoute were one of the finest examples of British jazz/rock, and it's a shame that they didn't go any further. Paul French went on to feature with Voyager in the late seventies/early eighties.
Paul French - Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Gavin - Guitar, Bass
Dave Knowles - Woodwind, Vocals
Nigel Reveler Drums

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