MISSING VINYL RECORDS, is a vinyl-only label, issuing 60s/70s music the world has been missing for decades, and worthwhile contemporary neofolk, neopsychedelic, neoprogressive groups.
All are deluxe 180g vinyl / 350g cover exact reissues, pressed in renowned German plant and fully authorized by the rights’ owners.
GROUP MEMBERS: if you are a member of a 60s, 70s psychedelic, progressive, folk or garage group and wish to see your work reissued, please contact us. We will be overhappy to discuss with you the possibility to reissue your work.


Janko Nilovic - Drug Song

Janko Nilović is a pianist, poet and composer extraordinaire from Montenegro who has lived in France since 1960. He is one of those musicians who devote themselves to music fanatically. This resulted in a great number of published works, but most of them are on library labels not available for sale. His opus stretches from classical, jazz and funk to pop, psyche and easy listening. He touches all these styles in a characteristic way. Nilović - poet as well as musician - creates poetic musical images by bending the edges of styles, cross-pollinating them. Janko recorded many albums for the MONTPARNASSE 2000 library label which specializes in music for Radio and T.V., musical illustrators and Film Music clubs.                
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder

Quicksilver Messenger Service is an American psychedelic rock band, formed in 1965 in San Francisco and is considered one of the leading acts on the city's psychedelic scene in the mid-to-late 1960s. Essentially a jam band, Quicksilver Messenger Service gained wide popularity in the Bay Area and with psychedelic rock enthusiasts around the globe. Many of their albums ranked in the top 30 of the Billboard Pop charts. Though not ultimately as commercially successful as their contemporaries Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead, the band was integral to the beginnings of their genre. With their jazz and classical influences, as well as a strong folk background, the band attempted to create a sound that was individual and innovative. Member Dino Valente drew heavily on musical influences he picked up during the folk revival of his formative musical years. The style he developed from these sources is evident in Quicksilver Messenger Service's swung rhythms and twanging guitar sounds. After many years, the band has attempted to reform despite the deaths of several members. With the modest success of these ventures, many members have also attempted solo careers including Gary Duncan, former guitarist of Quicksilver Messenger Service, who has enjoyed a prolific career after leaving the group.


CHIMO - Sheba

Chimo! (Inuit for "Hello") was a Canadian rock band of the late '60s and early '70s, evolving from the Georgian People in 1969. The band recorded an album for Revolver Records.
The band played Toronto's Mapleleaf Gardens with sister group Chicago to a full house, opened the second day of the Festival Express with The Band, Janis Joplin, etc. that was held at CNE Stadium on June 28, 1970. They also appeared at the Midsummer Night Rock Festival at Michigan State Fairground in Detroit on July 4 alongside shock-rocker Alice Cooper, The Electric Circus, and others.
Following the release of the band's album in November 1970, Andy Cree left (later to do sessions for the likes of David Wiffen and spend several years with Anne Murray's band) and was replaced by former member Pat Little, who had spent the interim doing sessions for Van Morrison, Peter, Paul & Mary and playing with a reformed Luke & The Apostles. The new line up was responsible for one lone single, Little's "In The Sea"and "Mowbray Cross Country Man" written on a flight to Rome to negotiate a European tour and to secure a song writing contract with Chapel Publishing in Milano (Milan) with Mowbray's previous assistant and former drummer Silvino Desemoni,and bass player Franco Deljudich from a 1967 Italian tour with Nicola Di Bari and RCA-Victor/Rome.


Rare Collective Rock Music is a music team on Facebook. Its concept is rare rock music particularly from 70s, i.e. psychedelic, progressive, krautrock, jazz, blues, folk etc. This video is dedicated to this team.
Tracks :
Gandalf - I Watch the moon
Young Flowers - Daybreak
Tonton Macoute - Don't make me cry


Η Ομάδα μας αναφέρεται μουσικά στις δεκαετίες 60'ς και 70'ς και συγκεκριμένα στα είδη progressive, krautrock, prycho, folk, jazz, blues, symphonic rock κ.λ.π. Ειδικότητα της Ομάδας είναι τα σπάνια και άγνωστα στο ευρύ κοινό γκρουπς εκείνης της εποχής. Επίσης νέα γκρουπς, που η μουσική τους είναι επηρεασμένη από τις δεκαετίες εκείνες, σε όποια από τα είδη αναφέρθηκαν παραπάνω.

All the albums here are perfect examples of the70s progressive, krautrock, psychedelic, folk, jazz, blues scene (and not only) and should be part of every serious 70s rock collection.


No Man's Land - MS408/The Drowning Desert

No Man's Land is a mutating musical unit based in Athens, Gr., that started out in the late eighties & continues to make noise to this day. Exploring the spaces between psychedelia, prog and free improvisation, but always using the craft of songwriting as their springboard, NML create electrified soundscapes of a never-ending journey. Its latest offering is called "The Drowning Desert" & is available on cd & vinyl. www.anazitisirecords.com


Bas Athanasiades (vox, guitar), Silver (drums), Don Fuestenberg (trumpet, fluegelhorn), Nick Petavrides (bass) Past Masters: Jorge Ppg (bass, vox), George Nikas (drums), Chris Avramoudas (keys, trumpet, programming), Agis Gravaris (organ, vox), Evie Hassapides-Watson (vox), Panos Kourtsounis (gtr), Kostas A. (gtr) Fellow Travellers: George Sirganides (flute), Stavros Parginos (cello), Kostas Kakouris (piano, mellotron), Kat Papachristou (vox), George Tzivas (percussion), Tina Psalida (violin, vox), George Dimakis (keys), Michalis Vassiliou (keys)


Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers - Oh Gosh (1969)

Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers were a psychedelic-influenced band from Pittsburgh, PN, whose music was an interesting blend of country rock, folk rock, and sunshine pop. Featuring Ilene Rappaport on vocals, guitar, harmonica, and recorder, Ilene Novog on vocals, viola, and harpsichord, Mickey Kapner on guitar, sitar, organ, and backing vocals, Ernie Eremita on bass guitar and backing vocals, and Clifford Mandell on percussion and backing vocals, the group was a popular live act in Pittsburgh and was signed to Musicor Records, an outfit that specialized in country artists but was dabbling in rock sounds in the late '60s.

Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers released one album, Birth, for Musicor in 1969, recorded in New York City in either a week or a weekend, depending on who is telling the tale. While the album sold poorly, it became a cult favorite among collectors of rare psychedelia and was reissued by the British Fallout label in 2007. However, the group failed to reach a significant audience outside Pittsburgh during their lifespan, and they split up in 1971. Ilene Rappaport changed her name to Lauren Wood and recorded two albums with the trio Chunky, Novi & Ernie, as well as several solo albums; her song "Fallen" appeared on the soundtrack album to the film Pretty Woman, she sang the end title theme on the television series Just Shoot Me, and her duet with Michael McDonald, "Please Don't Leave," became a Top 20 hit in 1979. Ilene Novog continued to work as a session musician, performing on albums by the Indigo Girls, the Violent Femmes, and the Flat Duo Jets. Mickey Kapner eventually quit music and moved to the Boston area, where he enjoyed a successful career as a salesman. Kapner later had a religious awakening and changed his name to "Brother Nathaniel," and became a well-known street evangelist in both Massachusetts and Colorado.


Jonesy - 01 - Can You Get That Together

JONESY were an early 70's band in the style of KING CRIMSON but with the unusual element of electric trumpet from Alan Bown. Other band members were John Evan-Jones - guitar & backing vocals, Jamie Kaleth - lead vocals & keyboards (including some excellent Mellotron), Gypsy Jones - lead vocals, bass guitar & recorders and Plug Thomas - percussion and backing vocals.

They recorded three albums on the Dawn Label "No Alternative", "Keeping Up" and "Growing". All are strong with the aforementioned KING CRIMSON influences. All can be approached with a degree of assurity but "Keeping Up" is probably the strongest of the three. All were reissued on CD by Korean label S-Wan.

Strongly recommended..!


YOUNG FLOWERS - The Daybreak

Young Flowers were a psychedelic , progressive rock group formed in Copenhagen in the summer of 1967 . The group consisted of Jens Henrik Dahl , guitar, he came from The Defenders , Peter Ingemann , electric bass and vocals, who had played in the Seven Sounds and Ken Gudman , drums, he also came from The Defenders.

Electric Sandwich - I Want You (1973)

Electric Sandwich were formed in late 1969 by a group of German students from Bonn. The band initially consisted of four musicians, all of whom had already played with other bands: bass player Klaus Lormann had been playing with "Chaotic Trust"; lead guitarist Jorg Ohlert used to be with "Slaves of Fire"; drummer Wolf Fabian, the founder of the band, had been touring with a band called "Muli and the Misfits", and singer Jochen "Archie" Carthaus sang with the "Flashbacks". Their own material has been recorded into the legendary Dieter Dirks Studio in Stommeln (1973 Brain catalogue). The music contains typical spaced out, freak n roll improvisations with many jazzy rock ingredients, folkish accents and Mellotron excursions.


Catapilla - It Could Only Happen To Me

Catapilla were an English progressive rock band and were active from the late 1960s till the first half of the 1970s. Their lead members were vocalist Anna Meek, and saxophonist Robert Calvert. They disbanded shortly after the release of their second album.
Catapilla were formed in the late 1960s in west London, with early members Malcolm Frith on drums, Dave Taylor on bass, Graham Wilson playing guitar and a wind section (Hugh Eaglestone, Robert Calvert and Thierry Rheinhart). Jo Meek was the first lead vocalist.
Black Sabbath manager Patrick Meehan produced the band's self-titled debut album, recorded with Anna Meek.
After the release of their first album, the group toured, and Eaglestone, Frith, Rheinhart and Taylor were substituted by Brian Hanson (drums), Ralph Rolinson (keyboards) and Carl Wassard (bass). With this new line-up, the band recorded their second album, Changes. This album is regarded as the group's main achievement, and had a great influence on other musicians of that time, although without mainstream success. Soon after the release of this album, Catapilla disbanded.

Members :
  • Malcolm Frith – drums
  • Dave Taylor – bass
  • Graham Wilson – guitar
  • Jo Meek – vocals
  • Hugh Eaglestone – saxophone
  • Robert Calvert – saxophone
  • Thierry Rheinhart – woodwind
  • Anna Meek – vocals
  • Brian Hanson – drums
  • Ralph Rolinson – keyboards
  • Carl Wassard – bass
Discography :
  • Catapilla (1971)
  • Changes (1972)

Purple Overdose - 02 - Gonna Be Tomorrow, Today

PURPLE OVERDOSE were founded in Athens, Greece in 1987 by lead guitarist and vocalist Costas Constantinou. The band seeks to recreate the psychedelic atmosphere of the mid 1960's while blending hard rock, jazz, oriental and even some folklore into their music. The lyrics in English written by Constantinou, can be described as poetic and somewhat sentimental, and draw inspiration from the flower power movement of the 1960's. They embrace ideals of nature and freedom of spirit.

The band has released 9 albums: 5 studio albums, 3 live albums and a compilation album. The first album Exit 4 was released in 1988 and received critical acclaim. The arrangements on this debut album are slightly simpler than on later albums, incorporating elements of hard rock with psychedelia. The second album, Indigo (1990) marks a move towards more complex compositions. The next album to follow is the same-titled Purple Overdose introducing the flute (Vasilis Kapanikis) and elements of jazz, and a further move towards more progressive compositions. In the same vein is their forth album, Solemn Visions (1996) which experiments in places with a curious mixture of blues and oriental influences. The fifth studio album, Reborn, released in 1999, is arguably the pinnacle of their career. This album features longer spacier compositions, and again a variety of styles, showing the band at full maturity. Of the live releases of particular note is The Salmon's Trip whose title is taken from the track Reborn, a track which describes the life cycle of the salmon fish. There is also a composition album, Painting The Air which consists of tracks from the earlier years, as well as three previously unreleased compositions.

Purple Overdose have created the sound reminiscent of the 1960's while managing to produce modern, unique compositions to great effect, experimenting with a wide variety of sounds and styles. They are similar in style to The Smell Of Incense. Flower power lives on!

Costas Constantinou / Lead guitar, cymbal, effects, vocals
Christophoros Triantophilopoulos / Drums, percussion
Andreas Andriopoulos / Bass guitar
Vasilis Kapanikis / Keyboards, organ, mellotron, flute S.&T. recorders
Stavros Eleftheriou / Congas, jug, assorted percussion
Other contributors: Stelios Drisis, Aris Christou, Aris Kontoangelos, Tolis Labouris, Mihalis Vasiliou, Giorgios Papageorgiadis, Giorgos Nikas, and Makis Mpellos

Jack Of All Trades(gr.rock)- Freedom

This is a mini LP that closes the first and best period of the legendary Pegasus label. Jack Of All Trades was a great acid rock group from Greece, with double (male and female) vocals but unfortunately disbanded after this sole record. Four years after, on 1994, they released with different personnel one more album titled "Just Before Unfair Loss" on Ikaros Music.


Dragonwyck - Dead Man

This group from Cleveland were one of the most promising bands from the early 70´s in that area. After their first legendary 1970 heavy-psych album the keyboardist changed, and the band left their garagey Doors influences to create their own sound.
The music on these well produced stereo-recordings exists only on acetate (10 copies), and drifted more into the British vein of progressive rock, like King Crimson, Pink Floyd or Yes, but also reflects US-West Coast feeling like It´s a Beautiful Day.
By 1972 Dragonwyck was performing Moody Blues´complete 'Days of Future Passed' live on stage (!!!)


Central Nervous System - Why (1968)

Central Nervous System - 1968

Doug Billard (vocals), Bruce Cassidy (trumpet), Keith Jollimore (saxophone, reeds), Jack S. Lilly (drums), Richard Oakley (bass), Jim White (guitar)

Band was originally known as "Five Sounds" and included keyboardist Joe Sealy. They released two singles in 1965 and 1966 on Epic which charted on Halifax radio station CHNS. In 1968 the "Five Sounds" were the house band on CBC television's "Where It's At" (the local segment of the national series) which was hosted by Frank Cameron and produced in Halifax.

In 1968 the band went to New York to record "I Could Have Danced All Night" album and changed name to "Central Nervous System" at the suggestion of Mark Joseph who worked at the Record Plant where the album was recorded. Album consisted of Billard and Jollimore penned originals and cover of Lonnie Mack's "Why".
Album was produced by Tom Wilson (Zappa, Dylan) and Eddie Kramer (Hendrix, Stones) was one of the engineers.This is a dance/pop/soul album with some occasional fuzz guitar.

Band split up in 1969 just before the album had a chance to try itself in the marketplace and dates were lined up to tour in the United States. Billard and White both went on to play in "Pepper Tree" at different times. Oakley switched to lead guitar and was a founding member of "Soma". Jollimore and Cassidy both went to "Lighthouse".

1968 I Could Have Danced All Night (Music Factory) MFS-12003

Blackbirds - Give Me Freedom (1971)

Studio Album, “Touch of music”, released in 1971

In early 1970 band leader Werner Breinig had to look for new musicians to join the band, and he found Peter Bely, who would replace Hubert Koop on the organ, and Eckhard Groß, who stepped in for drummer Georg Klein. Klein had already replaced Helmut Vigneron on the drums after the LP "No Destination" (LHC38) had been finished. Heinz Koop remained bass guitarist. The group tried to create an independent program and was eventually contracted to make records for BASF's sub label "Cornet". They changed their name into Blackbirds 2000, a fact that Werner Breinig comments on as follows: This was the record company's wish. Their aim was a long-term perspective, and the name Blackbirds 2000 was supposed to put this across.

In 1970 the single "Let's Do It Together"/"Preludium" (Cornet 5025) was published. The record company had "Woodstock-Sound" printed on the cover, so potential buyers would know what musical style the songs were. And indeed, "Let's Do It Together" turned out to be a psyche-delic-rock earworm that could compare with international recordings. "Preludium" on the B-side recalls Johan Sebastian Bach's opus, not just in name, but also in content, similar to "The Nice". This type of music was very popular back then. The proceeds of the single did not fulfil BASF's expectations and the contract was not extended. The band then changed their name back to the original The Blackbirds, and Werner Breinig set course for Progressive Rock. In 1971 the band recorded their 2nd LP "Touch Of Music" in the Rhenus Studio Cologne. Konrad (Conny) Plank, relatively unknown at that time, operated the mixing desk. Only Werner Breinig was left from the original band, and apart from vocals and guitar, he was now also responsible for flute and violin.

Peter Bely was still playing the organ, Wolfgang Bode the bass guitar and Charles Sikora the drums. The distinctive feature of the music was its very refined musical structure. Songwriter Werner Breinig had begun writing down the titles on sheets of music, not least since Peter Bely, although an excellent note reader, was less able to make own contributions and had to read from the sheets of music. Therefore it was up to Werner Breinig to hand in the score for "Touch Of Music", which got good reviews in contemporary reference books.... ”

1. Präludium (2:17)
2. All You Need (8:30)
3. Return From The Water (7:08)
4. Give Me Freedom (5:49)
5. What Is Free (4:08)
6. Come Back (10:55)
+ Bonus tracks:
7. Let's Do It Together (2:51)
8. Preludium (2:21)

- Peter Bely / piano, organ, vocals
- Wolfgang Bode / bass, vocals
- Werner Breinig / guitar, violin, flute, vocals
- Charles Sikora / drums, vocals

SEASTONE - mirrored dreams UK HEAVY PROG. 1978

SEA STONE - Mirrored Dreams. 

Christian rock

• Classic 1970s Christian rock
• Rare private pressing
• Finally back on CD
• Searing guitar leads

‘Richly melodic rock with world-weary vocals and tasteful guitar leads  – Galactic Ramble

Track Listing
1. Brand New Day
2. Rolling Stone
3. Helping Hand
4. Waves Of Loneliness
5. Foolish Hero
6. Unborn Child
7. Precious Dreams
8. Wake Up

Originally released on the tiny Plankton label in a tiny run in 1978, this British quartet’s sole album was recorded over the preceding five years. Containing some intense jams with searing guitar leads from leader Simon Law, it is widely regarded as one of the best albums to have emerged from the 1970s Christian rock scene.


Morning After - As Before ('71, UK)

Here we have a completely unknown album from England from 1971. Morning After recorded this LP as a demo only to acquire a record deal (as so many bands did in the late 60´s early 70s). So the album was pressed only in tiny amounts. The recording was with home studio equipment. Some of the tracks on the album sound like Blues Rock from the late Fleetwood Mac and some have a more progressive touch such as Shuttah. Great & heavy guitar work, fuzz and wah-wah all over the album, snotty vocals, all own great compositions. The album title Blue Blood assumed a noble wealthy family and a member of the establishment, but the music and lyrics are just the opposite. The music on this album is pure British Underground, electrifying, pure and raw, no Sgt. Pepper sing a long tunes.