SEASTONE - mirrored dreams UK HEAVY PROG. 1978

SEA STONE - Mirrored Dreams. 

Christian rock

• Classic 1970s Christian rock
• Rare private pressing
• Finally back on CD
• Searing guitar leads

‘Richly melodic rock with world-weary vocals and tasteful guitar leads  – Galactic Ramble

Track Listing
1. Brand New Day
2. Rolling Stone
3. Helping Hand
4. Waves Of Loneliness
5. Foolish Hero
6. Unborn Child
7. Precious Dreams
8. Wake Up

Originally released on the tiny Plankton label in a tiny run in 1978, this British quartet’s sole album was recorded over the preceding five years. Containing some intense jams with searing guitar leads from leader Simon Law, it is widely regarded as one of the best albums to have emerged from the 1970s Christian rock scene.

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